In 1980, Basamat Company for Industry and trade was established in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, a company registered under the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Basamat specializes in the general trade and trade of foodstuffs. It also works in the import and export based on the experience of over 35 years. It likewise works in supply, commercial deals, distribution, and marketing of all foodstuffs.

Due to the increasing demand for foodstuffs and the need for local Turkish, Arabian and international markets for such services, Basamat Food Industries has been established in the economical city of Istanbul, and in the heart of the commercial zone, thus becoming a prominent center among international suppliers of food products and other items, making it easier to provide an excellent commercial services.

Basamat started its business in Turkey with the launch of a brand called Baytoti, which an indication to the food products offered by the company, where all the ingredients feature homemade taste. Beytoti provides products such as pickles, legumes, jams, and olives.

The company is keen to use the systems and techniques of international companies in the selection of the best foodstuff for export from the local market, as well as these products secure healthily and approved by the competent authorities at home and abroad

Taking into account international standards in export and marketing within the global specifications recognized in the best conditions and in different regions of the world. The company also has sufficient experience in securing the transfer of all foodstuffs to farther selling point internally and externally.

Basamat is characterized by perfection and dedication thanks to the extensive experience of the management team of the company and the high level of professionalism and organization, which are distinguished in the field of packaging and export with the highest criteria and standards.

Hoping to satisfy all tastes and needs of consumers, importers and traders working in this field within the local market and international markets. As well as providing the highest level of service to all our customers and after-sales service.



  • Manufactures, Import and Export
  • Commercial deals Services
  • Food Packaging  Services
  • Working with reliable suppliers within Turkey
  • General trade
  • Logistic services & Shipping

Mission and objectives

  • Provide the best high quality varieties and food products.
  • Product development and continuous innovation. In an intensely competitive environment, innovation holds the key to the success and growth of a business. Bassamat has created special products that combine the originality of middle east Syrian, and Turkish taste to offer the customer a unique experience both in terms of quality and new taste.
  • We aim to expand and reach out to the global market alongside locally.
  • Provide all products and varieties in accordance with the needs of importers and traders working in this field locally and globally.
  • To provide the highest level of service to all our customers as well as after-sales service.

Core value

Quality is a core value at Basamat, and is reflected in all aspects of our business- be it the sourcing of quality ingredients for our products; the use of quality equipment and processes in packaging, transportation, and shipping, or the employment of quality personnel.

Commitment to service is our number 1 priority to ensure delivery on time according to the agreed specifications with the customer.

The ability to think creatively is a key criterion in recruitment and a key objective of training and processes. So we can offer new and exciting products.

‘Never compromise integrity, even if it becomes a liability’. This is what we have been going through over the past 35 years. Doing business in a manner that is transparent, simple and honest is not only a top priority but a prerequisite for all who are part of Basamat.

Why us?

  • The Company maintains strict quality control for all their products. The quality assurance team has adopted strict standards at all stages of the work to achieve the higher quality for Company’s end products.
  • Long-term partnerships with customers and suppliers have been built.
  • We research new and current markets to ensure all possible supply sources are controlled and utilized.
  • Our team monitors global prices to ensure the best deals and opportunities are obtained.
  • Current products are sourced from a good reputation and highly regarded suppliers. Making our products valuable by working with trusted partners who we share with them a passion for high quality products.
  • Provide full after-sales support.
  • Throughout the logistics and delivery to the final point of sale of our products, we strive to find efficiencies and innovative solutions to ensure that we deliver the best service and highest quality of products. In addition to avoid any obstructions or emergency events.
  • We hold sufficient stocks to satisfy our contract agreements in addition to allowing flexibility for growth with existing and new customers.
  • We provide a full logistics.

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